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Farrcroft at Ridgely Manor is located in Virginia Beach off Wesleyan Drive, just minutes from I-64, I-264 and Virginia Beach Town Center.

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Visitors needing further information should contact our Association Manager, Theresa Creef of United Property Associates or the Farrcroft Board of Directors by choosing the Contact Us option.
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Seasonal Alert!
We would just like add an alert to all members of the community to lock the doors of your car. The vast majority of break-ins are vandals just trying to see if it is locked. Do not place any packages in plain view, especially in light of the high package season.
Also, if you are having gifts delivered to your house, be careful that you do not get a neighbors package. Look at the label!

The following are the bylaws for pets: (PDF File)
13.        No pets will be permitted on the premises or in the Units except
those approved by the Board of Directors, and subject to the following
                         (a)       Only one domestic dog or domestic cat weighing less than
40 pounds will be permitted .
                        . (b)      All pets shall be kept on a leash when taken to and from the
building and shall not be allowed to run loose or be curbed on any of the
Condominium Property.                                                                                                   .
                         (c)       All pets must be sufficiently under control at all times so that
they do not become a nuisance to the Unit Owners or occupants of other Units.
Pet owners must clean up any fecal waste deposited on the Condominium
Property by their pets.                                       .
                         (d)              All pets must be licensed as may be required by law and
vaccinated aqainst rabies.
                         (e)       There shall be no more than one pet maintained in any Unit
unless prior written approval is given by the Association; provided, however that
such approval may be withdrawn by the Association upon reasonable notice.
                         (f)        Approval for any pet may be withdrawn for any reason at
any time by the Board of Directors upon ten (10) days notice to the Unit Owner.
                        (g)             If any building requires any exterminating, then the units
within the building that have pets may be subject to an additional charge.
                        (h)       No pet shall be kept on any deck, patio or enclosure other
than the Unit itself.
                        (i) .      All pets shall be exercised only in area(s) specifically
designated by the Association.
                        0)       Any Unit Owner (or pet owner) which fails to observe any of
these rules relating to pets shall be subject to fine at the discretion of the Board
of Directors of the Condominium and/or termination of privileges, including, but
not limited to, the privilege to keep their pet on the Condominium Property.

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